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Bait Station for Rats (twin pack)
RAT BAIT STATION - PLASTIC Safe, key lockable mehanism 240mm x 180mm x 85mm For use in and ..
Ex Tax: $21.82
Cage Trap - Rat
Single Catch trap, suitable for the capture of rats   Dimensions:- 410mm x 130mm x..
Ex Tax: $22.73
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Cage Trap - Rodent
Suitable for capture of rodents   Dimensions:-    •350mm (l) x 125mm (h) ..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Cage Traps - Multi Pack of 3
Suitable for capture of small - medium size animals   Dimensions:-    ..
Ex Tax: $163.64
Glue Paper - Rodents (pack of 2)
SIZE:- 130mm x 280mm FEATURES:- Poison Free Easy to use Safe For use in both..
Ex Tax: $2.73
Monarch Multi-Catch Cage Trap
A traditional trap, suitable for catching rats Dimensions: 400mm (l) x 200mm (w) x 200mm (h)..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Multi Purpose Rat Trap - Plastic
Ex Tax: $18.18
Nooski Rat Trap
Revolutionary ring trap - kills rodents everytime - guaranteed! THE NOOSKI ADVANTAGE Cautio..
Ex Tax: $36.36
Nooski Replacement Rings (Pk 20)
FOR NOOSKI TRAP SYSTEM 20 Replacement rings for both rat and mouse trap Made from natural..
Ex Tax: $5.45
Pestrol Rodent Free
**FREE SHIPPING - AUSTRALIA WIDE** Combines electromagnetic, ultrasonic and ionic technologies&nb..
Ex Tax: $108.18
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Professional Block Rodenticide - 1.5kg
One feed of Protect-us Professional Block Rodenticide is all that is required to kill a rodent. Spec..
Ex Tax: $45.41
Professional Block Rodenticide - 210g
Pack size: 210 g (14 x 15 g blocks) Type: Ready to use all weather bait ..
Ex Tax: $9.00
Professional Block Rodenticide - 3kg
Single Feed Kill  -  for use in all situations against mice and rats One feed of Protec..
Ex Tax: $86.36
Rat & Mouse Attractant Gel - 42gm
Attract your catch with this long-lasting ready-to-apply Protein Based Formula!!!!!!!!!! Protect-..
Ex Tax: $9.00
Raticator Max
Raticator Max Infrared Detecting System - the best way to get rid of rats and mice!   Tec..
Ex Tax: $100.00
Raticator Plus
Raticator Plus The Better Mouse and Rat Trap The Raticator Plus uses 4 AA batteries (not inc..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Rodent Cage Trap Multi-Catch - Extra Large
Suitable for rats 300mm x 150mm x 150mm   ..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Rodent Multi-Catch Cage Trap - Circular
Suitable for mice and rats. Specifications:- 350mm (d) x 250mm (h) metal base adjustabl..
Ex Tax: $27.23
Tunnel Bait Station - for rodents
TUNNEL BAIT STATION - PLASTIC Safe, key lockable mechanism 240mm x 115mm x 100mm For u..
Ex Tax: $9.09
Rat Tale - Remote Monitor for Raticator Units
Features:- Remote monitor with 3.6 metre extension cord, which connects to the Raticator The..
Ex Tax: $21.82
Rat Snap Trap Spring Loaded (pk of 2)
TWIN PACK EASY to bait, set & release Re-usable or disposable Non-toxic Powerful inte..
Ex Tax: $5.45
Mouse Trap Multi Catch - Large
Suitable for mice. Our large multi catch trap is perfect for the live capture of multiple mice at..
Ex Tax: $18.14
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Glue Traps - Large (box of 4 x 2-pack)
255mm x 130mm non-toxic glue tray Ideal for rat, mouse & insect control Easy to use - no..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Glue Traps - Medium (Pack of 2)
130mm x 150mm non-toxic glue tray (2-pack) Ideal for rat, mouse, insect & gecko control ..
Ex Tax: $4.09
Plastic Snap-A-Rat Trap (pack of 4)
 - Suitable for rats FEATURES:- Plastic based snap trap. Very powerful. Easy to bait..
Ex Tax: $18.18
Based on 1 reviews.