Trap Preparation

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Black Trap Wax
1 lb (0.45kg) sealed plastic pack Odourless - contains no beeswax Helps to conceal traps Sp..
Ex Tax: $11.82
Bridger #3 Capper
A tool designed to help bed Bridger traps properly. Will prevent trap from firing while pack..
Ex Tax: $27.27
Ezy Set Trap Setter
Simple to use Lightweight Set large foot traps - #3 and up - with the standard D Shackles S..
Ex Tax: $126.36
Liquid Logwood Trap Preservative - 118ml
Pete Rickard's Trap Preservatives are a natural form wood dye that chemically reacts with the stee..
Ex Tax: $12.73
Logwood Trap Dye - 450 gram bag
Suitable for all steel traps, this powdered trap dye turns black when mixed with water, and tur..
Ex Tax: $13.64
Original Super Stake Ends
Bullet point malleable steel stake end ready for cable or chain. Original Super Stakes™ with 3/32..
Ex Tax: $5.00
Sleepy Creek Model 4 Trap Setter
This 60cm aluminum trap setter can be used to set body traps up through the 330 size and longsp..
Ex Tax: $45.45
Trap Pan Adjuster
Fits all coilspring and longspring traps. The easiest way to raise or lower trap pans. Just slip the..
Ex Tax: $40.00
White Trap Wax Beads
1 lb (0.45kg) sealed plastic pack Clear Odourless Non-cracking Suitable for all stee..
Ex Tax: $6.82
Wolf Fang Anchors 18"
18" Wolf Fang Cable Anchors Freedom Brand Wolf Fang Earth Anchors with Cable are ready to be used..
Ex Tax: $3.18
Wolf Fang Stake Ends
Freedom Brand Wolf Fang Earth Anchors have a large surface area. Designed by Clint Locklear to be..
Ex Tax: $1.73
Wolf Fang Weld On Tip
The Freedom Brand Wolf Fang Anchor Driver Replacement End is for use in making a driver for Wolf Fan..
Ex Tax: $10.91